Lady Gaga Debuts New Gray Label Polaroid Products at CES

Polaroid's newest creative director, pop phenomenon Lady Gaga, made an appearance at CES in Las Vegas to roll out her new line of cameras. The Gray Label line incorporates Polaroid's Zink printing technology (zero ink) into sunglasses and other picture-taking gadgets.

The glasses, which are huge enough to look geriatric, capture and display images and video on the lenses. The data is also sent to a USB earpiece. Images (not video) can be sent to a printer via Bluetooth

And what better printer to send the images to than Polaroid's GL10, a paperback-sized mobile printing unit that can print pictures sent wirelessly from camera phones, camera sunglasses and what have you? It prints 3-inch by 4-inch photos in about 40 seconds, with or without the traditional white Polaroid frame.

The GL10 is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with the exception of the iPhone.

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