Free iPhone Alarm Apps That Actually Work

Q: My iPhone alarm hasn't gone off since January 1 because of a network-wide glitch, but it's the only thing I use to wake up every morning. Are there alternative alarms I can use on my phone?

iClockFree-Post.jpgA: Did you ring in the new year with a late-night party with friends only to find that the alarm on your iPhone 4 didn't go off the next morning in time to make it to brunch with mom? Reports streamed in on Saturday morning that for many people using the iOS 4 on Apple's iPhones, something known as the 1-1-11 glitch was keeping single alarms from working. An Apple spokesperson said that the company was aware of the problem and that all of its phones would self-correct on Monday, January 3, but some people are still having problems.

Unwilling to wait for another day and hope that your alarm wakes you tomorrow morning as it once used to? There's a quick fix. Download one of hundreds of free applications from the Apple Store and use that instead. Maybe you'll even find that you like it better than the built-in alarm.

A couple of our favorites: Nightstand Central Free is ad-supported and only gives you a few options for the sound of your alarm, but it includes a weather report and works even when you leave the phone locked and in sleeping mode. iClock Free is another ad-supported application that includes a weather report next to the time display. Once you set an alarm using this application, it will go off on your iPhone or iPod even when you don't have the application open. In addition, you can set the app so that a puzzle must be solved before the alarm will stop ringing; a smart bonus that will help to rouse even the deepest of sleepers.

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