I have visited the Department of Energy homepage a few thousand times, so I was pleased to see that the agency unveiled a facelift for its site today. They're switching to the open-source backend Drupal, too.

On the other hand, the DOE subsite I visit most frequently, the Energy Information Administration, retains its late 90s look. Here's hoping it's up next for an overhaul.

Our vision is to turn Energy.gov into a cutting-edge, 21st century, interactive information platform that delivers resources and services to you whenever and wherever you want it while also empowering Energy Department staff with simple tools and guidance to engage with you and also each other. We know we can't achieve this vision without overhauling the technological backbone of Energy.gov, which is why we've already begun the work of moving Energy.gov to Drupal, an open source content management system, in the months ahead.

Read the full story at Energy.gov.

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