After Lady Gaga's Polaroid Deal, Becomes Intel's Director of Creative Innovation

Boy, has Apple messed everything up. The company's coolness factor has other companies scrambling to catch up, and when big companies want to get cool, they hire talent. First, it was Polaroid's deal with Lady Gaga -- which, admittedly, still seems inspired -- and now Intel's signed Black Eyed Peas' star What's next? Lil Wayne to Lenovo?

Intel announced Tuesday its teaming with, whose real name is William James Adams Jr., in a news event at the Anaheim Convention Center, where the company is holding an internal sales and marketing conference. At the Anaheim event, showed off an Intel employee badge, the company said in a statement. The move to bring on as more than simply a spokesman follows in the footsteps of Polaroid, which appointed Lady Gaga its creative director in 2009.

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