9 1/2 Commandments and Other #lessambitiousmovies

I follow more than 1,000 people and never before have I seen a single hashtag grip almost all of them at the same time the way #lessambitiousmovies did last night; it was hard to get in 140 characters edgewise. At the top of my TweetDeck, I started typing different entries -- Lord of the Onion Rings (too nerdy), The Good, the Bad and the Mildly Unattractive (eh) -- before giving up. I didn't play along. But I did sit at my desk for nearly an hour watching the tweets pour in, giggling to myself over entries far superior to anything I could have come up with.

The tweets continue to stream in, but they're absent from my own feed. The interest has moved elsewhere, perhaps geographically or demographically. Is it the mom crowd -- the ones that joined Facebook a couple of years too late to monitor their children as they status-updated their way through college -- that is sending them now? On Twitter, does being 12 hours behind make you a late adopter?

Hashtags.org, a simple Web-based service that tracks the popularity of Twitter hashtags, shows that #lessambitiousmovies started around 8 p.m. and spiked three hours later, at 11 p.m. last night, when it accounted for more than 1.4 percent of Twitter's traffic. By 8 a.m. it had nearly disappeared.

Some of our favorites:

  • Ferris Bueller's Off Day
  • 12.7 Hours
  • Me and You and That Guy Over There in the Corner
  • The Devil Wear Tommy Hilfiger
  • Dude, There's My Car
  • To Injure a Mockingbird
  • Dances With Sheep
  • Harold and Kumar Sit at Home and Eat Doritos
  • The Deer Watcher