Winter Already? Time to Say Snow Disproves Global Warming

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Has it been ten months? Where does the time go? Just like last year, when blizzards buried Washington, D.C. for a good part of February, climate change skeptics are rushing to cite heavy winter snows as proof that global warming doesn't exist. The latest trigger seems to be the Minneapolis Metrodome, whose roof caved in on Sunday after a storm dumped more than 17 inches of snow on the city. Here's a sampling of the rightward responses:

Obviously, this must have been caused by man induced climate change. I means, sheesh, the last time it collapsed was back in 1983, so, it must be extreme weather caused by [anthropogenic global warming]. Because it makes quite a bit of sense in my mind for greenhouse gases, which are supposed to raise temperatures, to cause extreme snow and cold and wind.

-- William Teach at Stop the ACLU.

Record low temperatures at the global warming summit in Cancun, the midwest is getting buried in snow, the roof of the Metrodome has been brought down by tons of global warming, and Europe is seeing its heaviest snows and coldest temperatures in some time (but that's the fault of global warming too).

-- Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin.

Stop and think about this. Architects designed the Metrodome in the 1970s when NASA and the scientific consensus said that Global Cooling would destroy the planet. So you have to figure that it was designed to withstand a certain amount of snow and perhaps somehow ward off those polar bears and mastodons that were sure to come from the north. And now that we have Global Warming, it snows so much the roof collapses.

-- Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail.

Media Matters has a list of further examples of this strain of commentary, including quotes from Glenn Beck and Jim Hoft. The Media Matters post is quick to note that "scientists agree that short-term localized weather patterns are not relevant to global warming, and according to climate data centers, 2010 will rank among the hottest years on record."

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