Whatever Happened to Kanye West's Chosen One on Twitter?

After Kanye West joined Twitter, unknown teenager Steve Holmes (@ste_101) used the medium to ask if the rapper used "colgate [sic] or polish" to clean his new diamond teeth. West responded by following the 19-year-old student, dubbing him "the chosen one dun dun dun dun." Holmes' account soon grew to 15,000 followers and he was inundaed with hate-mail from jealous fans. Journalists, he said, spent two days parked in their cars outside of his home hoping to get an interview. He's kept quiet, until now.

"I was just really overwhelmed," says Holmes, who broke his silence this month for an interview with the Guardian. "I had journalists outside of my house for two days in their car. I couldn't believe it."

Holmes says he's not a hermit, but he just didn't want to be famous for something so trivial. "I'm not a fame-whore," he explains. "It would be good if you have a talent - but what talent do I have? A man clicked a button."

Holmes was so taken aback that he abandoned Twitter for a few days in early August, and considered leaving it entirely. "I got so much abuse," he says. "Really, really jealous people were saying, 'You don't deserve it - I deserve it, I'm his fan.' It was just so stupid." Holmes's stance did attract the praise of West, who sent him two apologetic emails. "The first one, he invited me to his album launch in New York. And the second one was, 'I'm really sorry this has happened - I respect your position on it.'"

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