What Are Tech Companies Spending on Lobbying?

It's no secret that big companies -- in the tech sector and otherwise -- spend a lot of money in Washington every year in an attempt to influence legislation. All Things Digital summarized the latest disclosure reports and put together a list of what some of the biggest technology companies today spent over the third quarter of 2010. Here, just the numbers. Visit the full story to get a more complete breakdown.

Verizon: $3.83 million.
AT&T: $3.47 million.
Hewlett-Packard: $1.6 million.
Microsoft: $1.63 million.
Oracle: $1.6 million.
Google: $1.2 million.
IBM: $1.0 million.
Intel: $830,000.
Yahoo: $540,000.
Apple: $340,000.
Facebook: $120,000.

Read the full story at All Things Digital.