Subject of Times' Expose Arrested, Charged With Defrauding Customers

The owner of the online retail store, DecorMyEyes, has been arrested on charges of defrauding customers after a New York Times expose revealed some horrific details about the company. The Times showed that the site had used negative publicity to drive itself up Google's search rankings. Apparently, it also focused the authorities' attention on the possible criminality of the founder's behavior.

DecorMyEyes founder Vitaly Borker -- also known as Tony Russo and Stanley Bolds -- was arrested Monday and charged with defrauding customers of his online eye wear company and making repeated and violent threats to customers who attempted to return defective goods.

Borker, who was the subject of a recent expose in the New York Times, apparently profited by understanding that a glitch in Google's search algorithm didn't differentiate between complaints and comments about his luxury eye wear firm. As a result, DecorMyEyes appeared high in every designer eye wear search because of a massive number of complaints filed against his company. Google has since changed its search formula to push bad actors down in the search results.

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