Scanner Status Site: Your Reports Wanted

Earlier today I mentioned the report from a reader who had enjoyed his first enhanced pat-down. This reader, Ari Ofsevit, has noticed the same thing many others have reported: the high variability in whether airports with the new scanning systems are actually making passengers go through them. For instance, last month when I was traveling through San Diego (home of the original "don't touch my junk" contretemps), I was allowed to choose between the new machines and the plain old metal detectors. I chose the old ones.

Ofsevit has started a site to collect and compare info on screening status. The site is here; a screenshot is below. Green means no new machines; yellow means machines present but not being used; orange, used for some passengers; red, used for all.

He is open for reports from around the country. Please send direct to him at tsastatus @, or tweet @tsastatus.