Saving Iceland's Financial System With Feminine Values

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Halla Tomasdottir spent years making big money working in Iceland's financial industry. She grew up -- and always thought -- that hard work and perseverance would be enough to make it to the top. But as she watched her country's financial system begin to collapse, she realized that her gender was holding her back. That was a problem for her personally, but also a problem for the country as a whole. The lack of diversity, Tomasdottir argues, was the biggest part of the problem.

A few years ago, Tomasdottir launched Audur Capital with a partner. The success of her financial services company reinforces Tomasdottir's argument that incorporating feminine values -- straight talk, profit with principles, emotional capital -- into business can not only help you to succeed, but to thrive.

This is the first talk to be released from the TEDWomen conference, which was held at the International Trade Center over the past two days. Watch this talk here and visit the TED website over the coming weeks and months to watch more talks as they are slowly edited and released.

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