Notforest Helps to Declutter Your Web Browser

Q: Distracted by all of the advertisements, links, and images, I find that I'm often overwhelmed by everything in my browser. How can I focus on just the article I want to read?

A: There are a number of great services -- ReadAbility, Instapaper, iReader -- that work to declutter the web and each is deserving of its own Toolkit entry (which they will get, in time). Today, we're highlighting Notforest, which is an easy-to-use tool that "strips away all the distractions and filler on a webpage and leaves only the text you really want to read," according to its website. "Installing it is very easy, you simply drag the link below [Notforest] to your browser's bookmark toolbar or folder. Then, when you visit a webpage that is too cluttered, just click on your new bookmark for a cleaner view."

Notforest stands out from ReadAbility by allowing users to choose their font type and color on an article-by-article basis. "That way, when I'm reading at ight, I can quickly switch to white-on-black text, while keeping things black-on-white during the day," Whitson Gordon write on Lifehacker. "NotForest adds these options to the articles, so you don't have to create multiple bookmarks (or conform to one style)."

There have been some complaints about Notforest's inability to deal with most photographs, but it has been widely praised for cleaning up pages better than some of the alternatives. It kills sidebars and unrelated text from the page, presenting just the article that you're after.

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