Meet Gnosis, the Group Behind Gawker's Security Breach

Earlier this week, a team of hackers broke into Gawker Media's servers, stealing millions of usernames and passwords. While the group -- which calls itself Gnosis -- cited Gawker's "outright arrogance" as their motivation to attack the blog network, little is known about the group's methods or associations with 4chan and Anonymous. Matt Brian of The Next Web managed to score an interview with three of the 13 members of Gnosis, identified only as N, I, and T:

Do you have a leader?

I: Ha, we were expecting that one. We dont believe in having a leader of the group, everyone is as equal as the next.

Certain members of the media have mentioned you were associated with 4chan/Anonymous, despite you strictly implying you were not. Can you explain your connection to 4chan?

I: We formed as a small group interested in learning about technology. Ever since, we have become a collective who work together on projects.

N: As for 4chan, we are not directly connected, no. But 4chan's influence on the net is large and several of our members visit the site. We don't directly agree with some of 4chans tactics, or rather "anon's" tactics.

We believe that ddosing sites won't help their cause and will only generate negative press and I personally see in the media a lot of acts being simply put under the umbrella of "4chan" or "anonymous". We would have not wanted this to be lumped with such acts as DDOS'ing Amazon or Mastercard.

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