It's Official: Facebook More Trafficked Than Google in 2010

The numbers are out. New data just released from Experian Hitwise show that, between January 2010 and November 2010, was visited more times than any other website in the United States. Traffic to Facebook was greater than that to Google back in March, but this is the first time that the year-end numbers put the social networking giant on top of the world's biggest search site.

In a bit of irony that must make Google crazy, Google is actually driving lots of users to its hottest competitor. The number-one search term for the second year running was "Facebook," and four out of the top ten search terms included the F-word.

The statistics aren't an airtight victory for Facebook, however. If you add all of Google's network sites together, it's still in the number one spot wit 9.85% of all visits versus 8.93% for Facebook. The big difference: Google has YouTube, the fifth-most popular Web site.

Yahoo Mail and notched up the third and fourth place spots, bringing Yahoo properties to number three overall with 8.12% of all U.S. visits.

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