Firefox Adopts Actual Foxes

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Say this for Mozilla, the organization behind the Web browser Firefox: they know what the Internet wants. In a bid to encourage people to download Firefox, Mozilla has adopted two actual "fire foxes"--or, okay, technically red panda cubs--and trained a Web cam on their enclosure at the Knoxville Zoo.

If you enjoy adorable, fuzzy baby animals--and you're reading this online, so we assume that you do--you can head over to the Mozilla site and watch the cubs scamper around, lick leaves, and cozy up in their sleeping area on live Snuggle Cam. Should you feel like doing something nice for the cubs, you can always download a copy of the browser--if enough people do it, Mozilla will get them a jungle gym, with more treats/incentives apparently to follow.

It's not quite otters, but we'd be lying if we said the panda cubs didn't make our hearts melt a little. Meanwhile, Google Chrome, not to be outdone, has set up its own Web site where you can watch a live feed of a lump of chromite ore. The Wire has obtained exclusive video rights to this project--let's check in and see what the lump is doing right now.*

*Picture by Piotr Sosnowski, used under a CC license. Obviously we were joking about the Web cam feed--which is to say lying.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.