Every Nerd Has the Same 6 Startup Ideas

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What do nerds talk about when they pry themselves away from their computer screens for a little IRL interaction? Boring, repetitive stuff, just like the rest of us. Elad Gil writes that a favorite hobby is to float the same six tired ideas for making boatloads of money.

"Over the years I have spent a lot of time brainstorming startup ideas with people who are (asymptotically) as nerdy as me," Gil writes. "For some reasons, every time I brainstorm with a new set of people, the following ideas come up. This suggests that either all nerds think alike, or alternatively, that they are unsolved problems that someone, someday, somewhere, may actually come up with a variant that hits big."

Among them: a dating site where the girls do all the work, an app that shows a bar's "girl/guy ratio," a better travel tip site, and a fund letting you make money off your friends' future success.

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