Chinese Malware Threatening Android Devices Could Spread

A sophisticated trojan named Gemini has emerged from China, according to Lookout Mobile Security, which claims that the trojan could be the most advanced malware targeting Android devices yet. InformationWeek suggests that users download applications only from trusted sources and reputable developers as the number of trojans targeting mobile phones and other devices is anticipated to surge in the new year.

Called Geinimi, the malware can compromise a significant amount of information on a user's Android smartphone and send it to remote servers, the security developer said in a blog. Once installed on the phone, it potentially could allow the server's owner to control the mobile device, said Lookout.

"Geinimi is effectively being 'grafted' onto repackaged versions of legitimate applications, primarily games, and distributed in third-party Chinese Android app markets. The affected applications request extensive permissions over and above the set that is requested by their legitimate original versions," Lookout said in its blog. "Though the intent of this Trojan isn't entirely clear, the possibilities for intent range from a malicious ad-network to an attempt to create an Android botnet."

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