Apple Black Friday Sale Isn't Too Impressive

On a day known for deep discounts, Apple's sale prices just take a little bit off the top. For today's one-day sale, the company declined to drastically reduce prices. The company's premiere holiday gift item, the iPad, got a strangely precise one-day price cut of $41 to $458. The biggest Apple discounts were, true to form, $101 for the company's line of computers.

The Apple sale is roughly in-line with what our Nicholas Jackson predicted earlier this week:

This year, we're anticipating that Apple will follow tradition and discount all MacBook and MacBook Pro models by about $100. There are rumors that they might also discount the iPad for a single day...The recently updated iPod Nano could also be discounted... The general rule seems to be that you can expect Apple to drop prices somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of an item's current price, with a maximum discount of $101.

So, as in years past, the sale is more for current Apple users who need just a little extra incentive to open their wallets.