Need an iPad? Try Your Local Walmart

The iPad has been a first-class kind of tech toy. Seems like every time I get on an airplane, the big cushy seats up front are packed with iPad toting travelers of all ages and all levels of sartorial grace. But the iPad is moving on down into coach soon. On Friday, the tablet will become available in hundreds of Walmarts.

Walmart this evening confirmed that the iPad would reach its stores this week. The tablet arrives in its stores on Friday, October 15, and will include all models at the same prices that Apple charges. "Hundreds" of stores will have it at first, Walmart said, but the expansion should reach 2,300 US shops by mid-November. As with other Apple devices, the iPad will be available online through Walmart, but only for in-store pickup. The iPad will be part of a separate showcase of Apple hardware in-store.

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