Best Spam Ever: 'Available Immediately / USED IKEA FURNITURE PLANT'

You see used IKEA furniture for sale every day on the Internet. But what you don't see for sale every day is a used IKEA furniture plant. In all my years on the web, I'd never seen even one Ikea plant for sale until I opened up my email today and found this gem.

Let me know if you want in on this deal. I'm pretty sure I'd get a sweet commission.

Immediately Available

Used IKEA Furniture Plant For Sale
2,000,000 m2 of Flat Pack Annually


I am pleased to offer a complete furniture plant for immediate sale. The plant produced up to Two million square metres of flat pack pine furniture per annum for IKEA and is complete from "top to bottom".


The plant is highly automated and features a huge range of modern equipment installed between 2001 and 2008. To build this plant new today would cost in the region of Euro €25m. 

The plant is offered as a complete plant only - we cannot offer individual machines. Please contact me for more information. Serious enquiries only please.


Equipment Highlights:

Hall A (Tooling)

- Puttying Line (Awutek, Viet, Sisal)

- Feeder Equipment (Pinomatic)

- Receiving Equipment (Pinomatic)

- Turnover Equipment (Pinomatic, System TM, Reinbold)

- Glue Sheet Line (Pinomatic, AT, Innova, Weinig, Heesemann)

- (2x) Pegging Line  (Homag, Weeke)

- Sequence Line (Bottene, Weinig, Pinomatic, Homag, Weeke)

Hall B (Surface Treatment)

- Spray Line (CEFLA, Heesemann, Quickwood)

- (2x) Sorbini Roller Coater Line (Pinomatic, CEFLA, Heesemann, Sorbini)

- Vacuum Line (Ligmatech, Siipotec)

- Packing Line (Ferroplan, Formeca, Motoman, Camline, Pinomatic)

- Factory Systems (Ferroplan, Orfer, Tosa, Robopack)


Hall C

- Spraying Line (CEFLA, Viet Italia, Barberan, Routronic, Altendorf)

- Glue Board Line (CEFLA, Viet, Innova)

Condition: Excellent

Location: Europe

Inspection: on request

Available: October 2010

Price: TBA

If you have any questions about the plant please contact me.