Apple Awarded Anti-Sexting Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved, yesterday, a patent filed by Apple back in 2008 that has the power to prevent users from sending out or receiving text messages on their phones that include "objectionable" content. No word yet on when or how Apple might implement this into their products.

From the patent:

In one embodiment, the control application includes a parental control application. The parental control application evaluates whether or not the communication contains approved text based on, for example, objective ratings criteria or a user's age or grade level, and, if unauthorized, prevents such text from being included in the text-based communication.

If the control contains unauthorized text, the control application may alert the user, the administrator or other designated individuals of the presence of such text. The control application may require the user to replace the unauthorized text or may automatically delete the text or the entire communication.

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