Previously in the series, here, here, here etc. Today in the email inbox, another sign that -- just as I predicted! -- the internet is creating new business opportunities for journalists even as it is destroying old ones.

Hi my name is Taj J[xxxx] and I'm a blog spotter. I basically scour popular blogs in an effort to find great writers....

I'd like to get straight to the point.

Our client wants people like you to sponsor their products and will pay you to do so.

They're launching an educational product on September 7th that teaches others how to make money on the internet by using Facebook and Social Media.

We want to pay you for recommending that product to your loyal blog readers and we will pay you up to $200 for each person that you refer. If you make just one sale a day you're looking at making around $6000 per month.

All you need to do is create a few blog posts that recommend this product. You may also use one of our nice banners and place it on your blog.

It's pretty simple, takes very little time (10 minutes or so) and will be very rewarding.

All sales that you refer are tracked through your own special link and you will get paid every week. Payments are always on time and will be sent to you via Check.

This deal is totally legitimate and we will NEVER ask you for any fee, or to sign any contracts.

What do you need to do if you are interested?

I have more details, a video and instructions for you here: http://www.XXXX

Regards, Taj Jxxxx

Indeed this does sound totally legitimate to me, especially the part about being paid via Check. Sorely tempted as I am to sign on, for now I think I'll just keep the site and product name to myself, and see if recommendations for it pop up elsewhere. And, hey, if you want your name and site passed on to Taj J, just let me know.

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