The previously announced Software Week will have a full week's run -- but after a several-day hiatus, because of emergent "real" writing chores. Thanks for many suggestions and queries that have come in. See you on Tuesday or Wednesday.
In the meantime, two "trouble in paradise" notes for the record. (1) A friend who is a tech industry veteran writes to say that SugarSync, star of the first installment, caused him problems in one very specific set of circumstances:

Since you are blogging up Sugarsync, thought I'd mention I had a longstanding MS Office Mac 2007 bug I finally tracked to Sugarsync. Anytime I hit the right mouse button in any Office application, it freezes. Only way out is Force Quit, -OR- quit Sugarsync. Found very few references to this online so it may be an obscure interaction, but thought you [should tell] some readers who get bit and would like to know.

I have been using Mac Office 2008 (which I'm also planning to discuss, vs OpenOffice) and have not had this problem, but: knowledge is power. [UPDATE: After the jump, a reader's fix for anyone still having this problem.]

(2) I have been a one-man shill for the LiveScribe pen system (see here and here), which I still consider absolutely invaluable and a product that has transformed my working life. But, for the record, I've had some recent tech problems with my pen, including anomalies in transferring audio recordings from the pen to my computer. Team LiveScribe attended to them immediately, and I lost time but didn't lose any data. They also say they've haven't seen a similar problem in the half million or so other pens they've sold. Who knows why I had it. I am still a big booster of the system, but having given such copious reports of its virtues I felt obliged to mention this glitch.

Happy Labor Day. I'll be laboring, if sitting at a computer can be considered such.

From reader AN, in Vienna, this report on the Mac Office 2007 / SugarSync conflict:

I had the same problem with the right mouse click and sugarsync. After several back and forth with their support, here's their advice (from November, 2009):

In finder go to ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items
Right-click on SugarSyncCMPlugin.plugin and select Show Package Contents
Open the Contents folder
Right click on the MacOS folder and select Move to Trash.

This will effectively disable the context menu (and it will not be added back on startup). They don't work on Snow Leopard anyway so there is no functionality loss.

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