To Win the Internet, Be a Mormon

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More than perhaps anyone else, Jonah Peretti knows how to feed, coddle, and tame the Internet. He's responsible for two of the most successful Web start-ups in recent memory–Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post—and has engineered viral experiments that consistently sweep the Internet. (Ever seen

Now he's prepared to share the secret to his online success: emulating Mormons. By this he means evangelizing, "having a strategy to spread" an idea and "pass it on." By comparison, he jokes in the full interview with TechCrunch, Jews "suck at marketing" when it comes to systematically and exponentially expanding the flock. (There's a graph where tries to show this.)

Of course, as commenters on the story point out, Peretti's provocative joke could simply be further proof of his expertise at getting attention. Check out the full range of tips on how to make things go viral below:

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