Soft-Boiled Egg Puns

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A massive recall of a common household foodstuff is not necessarily a laughing matter, unless that foodstuff happens to be eggs, in which case America's headline writers simply can't get enough of it. And while we enjoy a good yolk-related pun as much as anyone, we'd probably appreciate it a lot more if the eggs in question weren't making people sick. Behold the summer's runniest (see what we did there?) meme:

  • "The Hard-Boiled Truth About the Egg Recall" - Wired

  • "It's Time To Get Cooking On Egg Safety" - The Hill

  • "Organic Egg Sellers Scramble To Keep Up With Fresh Interest After Recall" - Daily Finance

  • "Will Egg Recall Scramble Consumer Appetite for Eggs?" - Daily Finance

*We know this is not technically an egg pun. But a pun in any way associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger is too good to resist.

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