Brad Pitt: 'Dastardly' BP Took My Slogan

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On Sunday, Brad Pitt spoke with NBC's Brian Williams about his laudable "Make It Right" campaign to rebuild homes in the devastated 9th Ward of New Orleans. Gesturing at a crop of new, innovatively-designed, environmentally-certified homes, Pitt explained how they were built explicitly so that "none of these homeowners will suffer those horrors" endured during Katrina. "If they'd just done it right in the first place," he lamented, citing BP's oil spill as another tragedy caused by indifferent planning.

Of course, this seemed the natural place in the interview for Brian Williams to remind Pitt that BP had stolen his "Make It Right" motto.

WILLIAMS: You must have been flattered that BP borrowed your slogan.

PITT: Yeah. I found that a bit dastardly as well. A dastardly marketing move. But it's in character.

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