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Twitter introduced its new "Who To Follow" feature this week. Ostensibly an attempt to improve the entire social media experience, the seemingly altruistic application aroused fear and anger in the very people it was supposed to help. Another senseless beta-testing tragedy.

Adam Serwer was confused by the newness and the buttons and the lights and the blinking.

twitter is annoying the crap out of me with that "who to follow" thing. Like twitter isn't overwhelming enough on its own.less than a minute ago via web

Mother Jones writer Kate Shephard wants to know what Twitter knows and when it knew it.

So true. RT @tomphilpott Twitter's "who to follow" feature has been giving me great recs--and it's creeping me out.less than a minute ago via web

Baseball writer Jonah Keri wanted to take the idea one step further.

Where's Twitter's Like button? Wish I could've been there. RT @metsgrrl this one goes out to @jonahkeri: than a minute ago via web

Dave Weigel retweeted a very good point from Julian Sanchez.

#realtalk RT @normative: Y'know Twitter, if someone has 30,000 followers & I'm not one of them already, it's probably on purpose.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

David Carr didn't like what he saw...

Doing lot more sampling of people's feeds because of "who to follow" feature. Know what? Most ppl, ev smart 1's, suck at the #TheTwitter.less than a minute ago via web

...but couldn't look away.

Have always been very chary in follows to keep stream rich with linx and news, but new 'who to follow" is serial seduction. #TheTwitterless than a minute ago via web

Chris Hayes had the afternoon's best idea.

Need to get away from the internet before I lose my mind.less than a minute ago via Brizzly

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