Balloon Boy's Dad: Yes, There Is Life on Mars

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Richard Heene is perhaps most famous for being the man who sired Balloon Boy, an achievement that may soon be eclipsed by Heene's discovery of life on Mars. He made a video explaining his findings, which drawn on footage from the Mars Rover. Among his most compelling arguments:

  • "That looks like a head. It could be a rock."
  • "That's a bone. Look at the structure."
  • "I don't care what anyone says. No rock can look like that."
  • "That looks like a bone to me. This looks like fur. I don't know what this little thing is. It's a white thing."
  • "This looks like a skeleton key. I don't know."
  • "Maybe that pig snout was connected to that head. And this is a series of body parts."
  • "That's a vehicle up there, man. I know it is. That looks like a vehicle to me."
  • "That is a structure. It could be a vehicle."
  • "Come on, man!"

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