While I Am In the "I Stand Corrected" Mode: Flying Cars!

Early this month, I mentioned the comments of an aviation guy from "a large aircraft company based in Seattle," who was skeptical about the basic sensibility of some models of flying cars. Including this one, the "Maverick":

Thumbnail image for IMG_4716.JPG

The Maverick is produced by a missionary-aviation group called I-TEC, for Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center. Many interesting facts about the group and its ambitions at its site, via the link above. Now Jesse Saint of the organization -- son of the founder, grandson of the man whose killing was in a way an inspiration for the group -- writes to correct any mis-apprehensions about the basic safety of the vehicle shown above. Part of the previous correspondent's argument was that the roll cage of the car was likely to prove useful, given the difficulty of landing the thing in crosswinds etc. For the record:

I appreciated your article about the "Heartbreaking Truth about Flying Cars", but there are errors in the facts regarding the Maverick. The Maverick has a mast and spar system that allows it to land in cross-winds as well as to taxi. The roll cage is more for the on-road needs of the vehicle. You can see more information at www.mavericklsa.com for videos, pictures and text of the Maverick Sport. We also have a current weblog going as the Maverick drives from Florida to Wisconsin for the Airventure Oshkosh 2010 fly-in. GOD BLESS!

Jesse Saint I-TEC, Inc.

Seriously, you will find it interesting to learn more about I-TEC, again starting here.