'On the Media' Show about Future of News

NPR's On The Media had a great show this weekend about the pros, cons, and unknowns of the future of the news business. I am "biased" because one part of the show was Brooke Gladstone's interview with me about my recent "Google and News" article. The interview is here; the original article is here. But with that set aside, it's a varied, consistently interesting, and in its way hopeful show. Give it a listen, here.

Essay question for extra credit: in America the news business mainly has been, and mainly should be, a privately owned for-profit business. But the ownership structure has always been diverse, too; and if publicly supported NPR did not exist now, would we be able to create it? How different would journalistic and public life be without the accident of its existence? I don't know and am too tired to think all the answers through. But that we have this system really does make a difference.