Pierce Brosnan, National Review Love Whales

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Back in May, the Wire noticed an interesting phenomenon: National Review writers, none too friendly with environmentalists in general, are rather fond of whales. Rich Lowry, in particular, is having none of a new proposal to overturn the International Whaling Commission's commercial whaling ban.

Neither, it turns out, is Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. Writing at The Huffington Post, he and Fred O'Regan urge President Obama not to "capitulate to a proposed plan that permits Japan, Norway, and Iceland to resume commercial whaling." Japan, they write, noting a trend Lowry also highlights, has been whaling in violation of the ban for years, while Iceland and Norway stand ready to pounce as soon as the ban is overturned. "[I]t is not too late to turn the tide," they declare. "Mr. President, please stay in the fight! Stop the sellout, and save the whales!"

Or, rephrased, as it is in Brosnan's headline: "Don't Give Whalers a License to Kill"!

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