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Is Google suffering from Bing envy? Last month, tech bloggers scolded Google for ripping off Microsoft search engine Bing by adding a left-hand content filter to its search pages. Now, Google is again under fire for introducing the ability to customize the background image on search homepages, a feature that Bing had adopted since its inception. "Google yesterday temporarily added a default background image to make more people aware of the new feature" reported Tech Crunch's Robin Wauters, drawing a widely-retweeted jab from Microsoft Europe's Twitter account:

We've lost a background image, if found please return to ;)less than a minute ago via web

Business Insider's Dan Frommer sums up the spat. "Google wants EVERYONE to know that you can now set a background image on its search homepage, to make it look more like Microsoft's Bing. So today it just turned on a background image for everyone, it seems. (With a white Google logo. It does look nice, if you're into that sort of thing)," quips Frommer. "Folks on Twitter are making the connection... 'Background images on google? Wtf? Bing envy?' Etc."

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