I'm Quitting Facebook

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Concerns about Facebook's privacy policy are real. So real, in fact, they've driven plenty of writers to publicly disavow the service. But these self-regarding articles about splitting with Facebook are so well established they've become a genre unto themselves. Witness the latest:

  • Robert Goolick: In a Daily Beast blog post today, the novelist not only proclaims his disdain for cocktail parties and Grand Central Station, but then compares Facebook to a cocktail party in Grand Central Station. He says, " I do not feel less alone because people I don’t know now and never will take the time to wish me a happy birthday, as charming and kind as they may be."
Unfortunately, Goolick is a tad late to the party—bloggers have been talking about quitting Facebook for a few weeks (some even established their own "quit facebook day.") Of course, it turns out that many would-be "Facebook quitters" don't actually have what it takes to leave. Nevertheless, here's a taste of the trend.
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