Chinese Censorship vs. Foursquare

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Joining the illustrious company of Twitter and Facebook, the location-based social network Foursquare has been blocked in China. Foursquare allows users to share their location with friends via mobile phone. Friday is the 21st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and it appears that the service was blocked after users attempted to "check-in" to the location Tiananmen Square.

  • Classic Chinese Authoritarianism, writes a disapproving Asavin Wattanajantra at The Inquirer: "It is unclear whether this is a permanent or temporary move, but it is just another way for the Chinese authorities to use their Great Firewall technology to suppress web content that they don’t like... This move won’t really make much difference in the whole scheme of things, but it does show how touchy the Chinese government can be when it comes to its fear of social notworking."
  • They Censor—and Guess What?—It Works, observes Gady Epstein at Forbes: "The blocking of Foursquare, while perhaps temporary, is yet another reminder that the Communist Party of China is serious about controlling history... To some extent the party's strategy has been successful: Many in China, especially younger generations, have little clue what happened 21 years ago on June 4. Of those that do remember, some unknown percentage -- perhaps a quite high percentage -- have chosen not to care too deeply, a sort of willed forgetting in service of today's prosperity."
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