'Buy Solar. Get a Gun.'

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It's hard to imagine a promotion that would satisfy both the environmentally-minded, Birkenstock-wearing hippie and the flannel-wearing, gun-toting redneck, but somehow Brand Solar and Air Inc has managed to pull off what The Consumerist's Ben Popken calls the "Best. Cross-promotion. Ever." According to Popken's report, Brand Solar customers who purchase at least a 3kW system will receive a gift certificate, which, "Depending on eligibility and legal status of customer he or she may use $400 certificate for credit toward gun, rifle, or ammunition or choose $400 rebate." Oh to have been a fly on the wall in the pitch meeting that came up with this promotion," muses Popken:

They have offices in both Colorado and California, so maybe it was a compromise between the two branches:

CALIFORNIA: "Let's give our eco-loving customers a cash rebate."
COLORDO: "Let's give our customers guns.

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