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BP Global PR is a fake Twitter feed purporting to represent BP's public relations during the oil spill crisis. Their hilarious tweets, which paint BP officials as incompetent and self-interested blunderers oblivious to the ongoing crisis, have gained 140 thousand followers. The secretive pranksters behind the account have put their popularity to good use, selling "BP Cares" t-shirts that have so far raised $10,000 for Gulf restoration work. One of the tweeters has even recorded interviews, albeit with both his voice and face obscured. Here's "Terry" speaking to CBS News's Shira Lazar.

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Terry admirably maintains his BP public relations persona throughout, referencing his six-figure salary, suggesting the U.S. drill for oil on the moon, spilling coffee on his shirt (he says it happens "every day" so he's "learned to wear five shirts"), taking a call on his iPhone from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindall, and describing the office as "just a bunch of guys with a grab ass room playing X-Box." Lazar muses, "there is no denying its significance in how social media has shifted the ability for companies, brands, or even governments to control the public conversation through traditional media messages and means."

Here are some choice tweets from BP Global PR:

Celebrating 50 days of the spill w/ hotel conference room, catered lunch, funny speeches and a lot of back patting. #bpcaresless than a minute ago via web

Try our cap operation at home! Hold a funnel over a firehose, sell what you catch and proclaim victory! #bpwinsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Sarah Palin keeps sending us cutesy Evites to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Even we are disturbed. #bpcares #wearebpprless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

This horrible spill wouldn't be happening in the gulf of AMERICA! Arizona knows what I'm talking 'bout!! #fistpound #bpcaresless than a minute ago via web

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