Morning Vid: Shep Smith Compares Oill Spill to Sept. 11

The Fox News host takes "Obama's Katrina" a few steps further

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If you thought comparisons of the Gulf oil spill to Hurricane Katrine were overblown, you're probably not going to like what Fox News host Shepard Smith had to say. "This could end up being the story of our generation, couldn't it? Bigger than the attacks on the World Trade Center, bigger than most anything, if 14 million people live down there and a way of life. It's just unthinkable," he said Wednesday night.

The famously independent-minded Smith has rankled conservatives in the past, but it's hard to anticipate how partisan viewers will react to Smith's stand on the oil spill. He has been highly critical of BP's handling of the crisis as well as that of the federal government. Here's the clip:

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