More on Autobahn Airports, With Special ß Feature

1) They're doing it in Pakistan too!

2) As for the real location of the German highway/airports mentioned here, the answer appears to be this bucolic area near Ahlhorn in Großenkneten,* Lower Saxony. Granted, it would look slightly less bucolic if you zoomed out to see the military airfield just to the east. But still:


The turnoff roads running parallel to the right and left of the main highway, above, appeared to serve as "ramp" areas -- places for the aircraft to park and be serviced and fueled -- during the "Highway 84" exercise shown in the original videos. As explained here. Google Earth view of the area here. Now we know. Thanks to Ari Ofsevit and Salman Akhtar.
* I have used Japanese and Chinese characters plenty of times on this site, but this is my first for a "ß." Hope it shows up.