HTC, the Taiwanese company that designed various phones that run Google Android, has sued Apple over patent violations and asked the US International Trade Commission to ban imports of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod products into the United States. The accusation comes in response to Apple's lawsuit against HTC for separate patent violations.

HTC vs. Apple isn't the only jousting match in patent technology. Last week Nokia, the world's largest cell phone maker, sued Apple over the iPad. A year ago, Nokia also sued Apple over the iPhone. In keeping with the spirit of smart phone suits, Apple also counter-sued Nokia on 13 patent violation claims.

To sum up the HTC-Apple-Nokia shoot-out in a sentence: Apple has sued (and been counter-sued by) both the world's largest cell phone maker and one of the country's fastest growing smart-phone makers. Ah, brave new world, that has such patent violations in it.

(Source: New York Times)

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