Another Apple Leak in Vietnam: New iPod Touch Revealed?

A camera-equipped prototype turns up

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Vietnamese forum Tinh Tế is on a roll: they have what may be another leaked Apple product. The site has the scoop on what they say is a next-generation iPod Touch, one that sports a back-facing, two-megapixel camera. Last week, an administrator on the site posted video and photos of a next-generation iPhone prototype. (An iPod Touch is similar to an iPhone except it doesn't make or receive phone calls.)

Tech bloggers generally accept the leak as real, judging from a familiar diagnostic utility that appears on the device, and a video of it. Most, however, are cautious about whether it's a sure sign of where Apple is taking the product, or merely a scrapped test model. Some initial reactions:

  • An Abandoned Prototype? Several bloggers say the device in question could be a rejected experimental model. Engadget's Thomas Ricker writes: "A check of the device's serial number identifies a late 2009 third generation iPod touch -- could be that this device was one of those eBay prototypes that never made it to production for whatever reason." Boy Genius Report's Kelly Hodgkins echoes the caution:
Despite the iPod’s pristine condition, it is unclear whether this is an older prototype left over from Apple’s failed attempt at placing a camera in the iPod Touch last year or if it is indeed the next generation model.
  • We'll Know for Sure Soon Enough  Matt Burns at CrunchGear expects a definitive answer within weeks: "There’s always a chance that ol’ Steve will announce this model alongside the iPhone 4G next month. iPods are still selling like mad and an undated model with not only a camera, but also iPhone OS 4 will no doubt spark even more sales. Guess we’ll have to wait until next month." But Gizmodo's Kat Hannaford says it might take a little longer:
As with all leaks, you've got to take it with a grain of salt—and even if this is a real iPod Touch that's come from Foxconn or Apple themselves, the final design might change between now and the reveal date, most likely WWDC in June, or later in September when Apple normally chooses to unveil iPods.

Here's video of the device:

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