What Kind of Country Would Let Its President Fly On a 20-Year Old Plane?

(If you're tempted to get mad about this item, see update below.)
The tragedy for Poland is profound, but as for the risks of flying officials in "aging" aircraft:

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The current versions of Air Force One entered service under President George H.W. Bush in 1990. Thanks to reader DM.

UPDATE. Note to the next 200 people tempted to send huffy notes and point out that "aging" airplanes are continually refurbished, that our B-52 fleet is "older" than virtually anyone in the armed forces, that it is a cheap shot to suggest that AF1 is not airworthy, etc: If you will take the one second required to click in the link at the start of this item, you will see that I am actually aware of these facts! This item follows two others -- first here, then here -- saying that the press should be slow to rush to conclusions about the "aging" airplane involved in the terrible Smolensk crash. Again, for convenience, the links are here and here. Note to the 200 who have already written huffy notes: Apologies accepted, even if you haven't gotten around to offering them.