Top Tweets: Luddite Edition

We wasted our affection for tech on the iPhone 4.0

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Something seemed off today in the Twitterverse. While journalists and bloggers typically view their laptops and smartphones with a sort of reverent affection (see the enthusiastic response to the iPhone 4.0 leak), today many found themselves at odds with the high-tech comforts of modern living.

Tweeting from South Sudan, Nick Kristof enjoys a night of simpler pleasures:

Greetings, by satellite phone, from South Sudan. In a village nr Darfur for the night. No electricity, but grt hospitality

The Nation's Chris Hayes does his best John Conner impression:

Geithner has the most idiosyncratic cadence -- like a smarmy alien robot who phrases everything as a half question

Slate correspondent and CBS news analyst John Dickerson may need a doctor:

DC Water authority says in our neighborhood do not shower or drink the water. I have done both today, which is nice.

Blogger delrayser ponders the Downfall of a much-beloved YouTube meme...

If someone makes a Hitler video about the Hitler videos being removed from YouTube, does the Universe fold in on itself?

...while Matt Lewis of Politics Daily celebrates its legacy.

Hitler reacts to news his YouTube video has been removed ....

Meanwhile, Mother Jones' Nick Baumann gets to the root of the Twitteratti's strange behavior

@benpolitico Relays the important news that Pres. Obama's chopper is scheduled to land at #420 this afternoon. Secret messaging?
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