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The Wonders of the Spam World

I mentioned in my recent cyber-security article that, despite all the news about internet threats coming from organizations or individuals in China, people who know the field do not consider China the number-one source of such attacks.

As I looked at the Gmail spam filter today I was reminded of the consensus pick as the world's leading source of cyber-crime and related activity (click for larger):


As a tech note for another time, it's interesting to think of the forces that could lead to this result, in which 14 out of 19 spam messages arrive in Russian. Is that much more spam really produced in Russia than anywhere else? I have always assumed that most spam is rejected by lower-level screening before it gets anywhere near the spam filter that users check for their email accounts. Is there an anomaly in the spam-filtering software that allows Russian спам to get past the early barriers and make it this far? I don't know but find the trends in spam interesting.

I kind of miss the Nigerians. I hope they're OK.