Happy Hour Vid: Maddow Knocks Republicans Over Offshore Drilling

She saves some firepower for the president

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President Obama puzzled basically everyone by planning to expand off-shore oil drilling, a major point of contention during the 2008 campaign. While drilling was a major talking point for Republicans during the McCain campaign, Republicans are skeptical of Obama's concession.

On her Thursday show, Rachel Maddow takes aim at these Republican critics, casting them as part of the GOP's perpetual anti-Obama stance. While many wondered if the Republican Party would no longer be the "Party of No" after the passage of health-care reform, Maddow isn't so sure.

Maddow does give the Republicans a break, however, when she turns to expressing frustration that Obama is selling out his base to win votes for future climate and energy legislation. "Senator Kerry and President Obama, willing to put away their long-standing objections to this Republican idea...in exchange for what?" asks Maddow. "Last month, President Obama gave into another Republican energy demand, cleared the way for more nuclear power plants to be built in this country...in exchange for what? It's one thing to be willing to compromise on a bill enough for it to pass, but that only makes sense if you are getting something in exchange for making that bill less perfect."

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