Best Tweets: Talmudic Meticulousness Edition

Yes, we take our tweets seriously

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Because of the nuclear summit taking place at the Washington Convention Center this week, security in metropolitan D.C. is at a high.

Perhaps peeved at the gridlock, blogger Brian Beutler takes a swipe at the event planners:

brianbeutler: Shame DC doesn't have some sort of large, five-sided military edifice where powerful people can safely meet to discuss nuclear security.

Meanwhile, Slate's John Dickerson offers a creative re-reading of history:

jdickerson: Quitters never prosper. Sarah Palin has made $12 million since leaving governorship before her term was up. Ergo: Sarah Palin did not quit.

Could ABC News' Jake Tapper be talking to us?

jaketapper: Some people dissect tweets with Talmudic meticulousness. A real waste of time.

Mother Jones's David Corn is only looking out for former Speaker Gingrich.

DavidCornDC: A 5-yr-old hijacked Newt's feed. RT @newtgingrich: On way to breakfast to outline 2010 & 2012 big choice themes 2+2 equals 4 is key concept

And environmental writer Miles Grant takes one for the team--Team Earth.

MilesGrant: I'll wear this wig to help pass it: RT @AriDavid2010 @marthapskowski I'll walk thru fire to stop #capandtrade
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