Best Tweets: Immigration and Oil Spills Edition

So many stories, so little time...

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Immigration, FinReg, and oil spills, oh my! With no one story dominating the news cycle, Twitter power players applied their typical wit to myriad topics today.

Markos Moulitsas takes a shot at George Will and the Washington Post:

The WaPo op-ed page would like Latino writers, but they can't find any who aren't washing dishes and mowing lawns.

Mother Jones' Kate Sheppard makes creative use of Twitter's hashtags:

The Coast Guard is lighting a giant oil spill on fire down in the Gulf, while Salazar announces approval of Cape Wind. #howsthatfortiming

At Politico, Jonathan Martin finds common ground between two opposing political powerhouses:

For all their diffs, Obama and Palin do share a contempt for media they frequently like to express.

Ezra Klein shows off his fashion knowledge:

Bill Clinton is wearing the reddest tie I've ever seen. It looks like it's from another planet.

...but Brian Beutler counters:

Thinking independent-style purple will clash with Charlie Crist's Boehner-esque orange skin

Dave Weigel smells nostalgia in Gordon Brown's hot-mic moment:

Brown should be glad the audio cut off before he called Curt Schilling a Yankees fan.

Finally, New York Daily News reporter Michael McAuliff sums up the insanity of the day:

Senate stymied again on #finreg (56-42), Obama doing energy, farm visit, Wall St. speech. Who wrote this script - Bill Murray

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