Best Tweets: Creeping Black Dread Edition

Oil have some of that!

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The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is getting out of hand. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, has called the oil leakage "a spill of national significance." Count on Best Tweets mainstay David Waldman to think outside the box:

  • Kagrox: New plan: set fire to everything BUT the oil, to clear a path for it.

Environmental blogger Miles Grant can't resist a jab at the petroleum industry...

...while National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez wonders whether there's anyone else at the White House handling crises.

  • kathrynlopez: i just don't understand how the dir. of homeland security can be go-to woman for border security and oil spills. better not rain somewhere.

Meanwhile, Politico's Ben Smith discovers the euphemism of the year...

  • benpolitico: Ran into an old NY political source just now who described boss's arrest, imprisonment as "major management transition"

Lawyer and blogger delrayser misses a perfect opportunity to use the #ohsnap tag...

  • delrayser: Ted Nugent: "If Sarah Palin played a loud, grinding instrument, she would be in my band." You mean, other than her voice?

Think Progress's Matt Yglesias does his part for an ailing nation...

  • mattyglesias: Gonna get a Greek salad for lunch in hopes of stabilizing the economic situation.

And Brian Beutler of The Media Consortium brings us the day's biggest news, via Grist's David Roberts.

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