Best Tweets: Bialystock and Bloom Edition

Plus, a volcanic-ash picture you have to see to believe

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Europe remains a no-fly zone, thanks to temperamental volcanoes, but Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall finds (sorry) a silver lining.

joshtpm: This is one pretty damned cool picture

Hot Air's Allahpundit tracks down Osama bin Laden in the unlikeliest of places.

allahpundit: Confirmed: Everyone is on Facebook

Before reading this news story, we assumed Eschaton's Duncan Black was just being a stand-up guy.

Atrios: will try very hard not to vomit on any children at the phillies' game on friday #fb

Has finance blogger Paul Kedrosky ever seen The Producers?

pkedrosky: Imagine how bad movies will be when there is an incentive to make bad movies.

Meanwhile, Slate's Chris Beam, in response to recent news, says what every Twitter user is surely thinking:

jcbeam: Hey there grandkids! #LibraryofCongress

Bonus: This isn't really germane to anything, but we share blogger Rockin' Steady's enthusiasm for the concept.

HecklingSociety: Best idea for a Twitter account ever? RT @big_ben_clock: BONG
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