Best Tweets: Apple Season Edition

With guest commentary by Cookie Monster

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As the iPad makes its way into the hands of consumers (reaching some of them sooner than others), the Web hums with geeky, giddy delight. Or maybe everyone's just smiling because it's sunny and warm on a Friday? Either way, The American Prospect's Adam Serwer captures the zeitgeist best, with his re-tweet from the official Sesame Street feed:

AdamSerwer: RT @SesameStreet: Cookie Monster: Uh-oh. Sugar rush kicking in. ME GOING GRAZY! ME GOING CRAZY! ME GOING CRAZY!

Business blogger Paul Kedrosky lays down the law:

pkedrosky: Paying $17.29/mo for WSJ iPad app should disqualify you for something important, like being allowed to use money.

Talking Point Memo's Josh Marshall conjures up the frisson of the new:

joshtpm: Imagining my iPhone is soon to be released iPad nano, feeling ahead of curve again

In other news, lefty blogger Corbin Hiar counts blessings on behalf of the majority party.

CorbinHiar: RNC fundraising letter features phone sex number. The Democratic Party is lucky its only serious competitor is the RNC.

And David Waldman, inspired by Erick Erickson's anti-census invective ("Pull out my wife's shotgun and see how that little ACS twerp likes being scared at the door"), tries to finagle a spot on cable news.

KagroX: If I threaten to pull a flamethrower on gov't workers, is that diversity of opinion from gun guy? #GimmeaCNNgig

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