Where Google and China Can Still Get Along

Yesterday I posted a note from a reader who wondered how broadly the ripples from the Google/China showdown might spread:

Does this spell the end of Team Selene, the only China-based team now participating in Google Lunar X Prize? Good chance this might happen now.

Through the magic of The Internets, I am happy to report that this specific fear, at least, is unfounded. Just now, a message from a person in position to know:

As the Senior Director of Space Prizes at the X PRIZE Foundation, I can tell you that this is not the case. Team SELENE is still a fully enrolled competitor in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Indeed, we would welcome any additional Chinese teams that care to register before the close of the registration window at the end of this year.  The Google Lunar X PRIZE is an incredibly international competition; our 20+ teams are headquartered in a dozen nations (including China), and team members are actively working in nearly 70 countries on every continent except Antarctica.  We're excited to have such a global community of talented and creative entrepreneurs all approaching the common goal of revolutionizing space exploration!...




William Pomerantz

Senior Director, Space Prizes  |  X PRIZE Foundation

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